READING SPACE: NSS Reviews and Recommended Reading

READING SPACE:  NSS Reviews and Recommended Reading

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NSS REVIEW: Non-Fiction
Book of the Month (NOV)

12 More Non-Fiction Books

Title: Moondust
Author: Andrew Smith
Date: November 2005

Book of the Month (NOV)
Variable Star

3 More Fiction Books

Title: Variable Star
Author: Robert A. Heinlein and Spider Robinson
Date: September 2006


NSS REVIEW: Children’s
Book of the Month (NOV)
Max Goes to Mars

6 More Children’s Books

Title: Max Goes to Mars
Author: Jeffrey Bennett
Date: 2006

Where do you go after you’ve been to the Moon? If you ever wanted to have a personal discussion with the moonwalkers, this is the book for you.


Robinson, a modern science fiction author and fan of Robert A. Heinlein, writes a “lost” novel based on 7 pages of notes by the Old Man himself.


Max the dog joins a crew searching for life on Mars, making for a fun and educational story that all future Martians are sure to enjoy.

Read our review by
Tierney O’Dea


Read our review by
Bart Leahy


Read our review by
Marianne Dyson

Books are selected for recommendation based on their connection to the NSS vision of people living and working in space. Reviews are provided by members of the NSS Space Books Committee and other individuals. Opinions expressed are those of the reviewers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Space Society. Contact Space Books Committee Chairman Marianne Dyson with comments or requests for book reviews.


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