The Latest News from the National Space Society

The Latest News from the National Space Society:

NSS to Co-Sponsor NASA Ames Student Space Settlement Design Contest
(November 25, 2006)

NSS and NASA wants you to design your best space settlement — a place in space for you, your friends, and family to live, play and work.  Space settlement is excellent thematic and many teachers have used the contest we great success (see for lesson plans).  In accordance with a new Space Act Agreement, NSS and NASA will jointly sponsor the long-running annual NASA Ames Student Space Settlement Design Contest.  Sixth to twelfth grade students should create their space settlement design, or short story, or artwork, and send it to NASA Ames Research Center by March 31st.  The grand prize winner will have their work hosted on a NASA web server and NASA will nominate a contestant to receive the NSS Annual Student Space Settlement of the Year Award at the ISDC conference in Dallas this spring.  For more information:

NSS Opens Competition for ISU Scholarship
(October 31, 2006)

The National Space Society, in cooperation with Students for the Exploration and Development of Space and the Space Generation Foundation, is pleased to open its competition for the 2007 NSS scholarship to the International Space University.  This scholarship, worth up to $10,000, is open to applicants of the ISU summer session and masters program.  Applications from American and international applicants will be accepted.  For more information:

Space Settlement Art Contest
(October 31, 2006)

NSS is sponsoring an art contest in which artists are to create visions of a spacefaring future — a future of space settlement, be they on the Moon, on Mars, on asteroids, or orbiting independently in space.  Twelve winning entries will be chosen to illustrate the NSS 2008 Space Settlement Calendar.  Judges include world-renowned space artists David Hardy and Pat Rawlings.  For all the contest details go to

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