ZeroG Training Program

now avaliable online!

Program Highlights

  • Zero Gravity Parabolic flight experience on the IL-76 in Star City
  • Official flight briefing with the zero gravity training team.
  • Tour Star City, the training complex for the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin.
  • DVD with photo and video coverage taken by one of Russia’s premier aerospace photographers.
  • Celebratory dinner following your flight with Space Adventures Cosmonaut guest
  • A personalized webpage showcasing your zero gravity training.
  • Special guided VIP tours of Moscow including Kremlin/Armory/Diamond Fund and Red Square.
  • 3 Nights Stay at one of Moscow’s most exclusive hotels.


“The feeling of weightlessness is incomparable, it’s freedom …”

Howard Chipman MD, August 30, 2003

More in the photo gallery

Most people think they will never get the chance to experience weightlessness the same way orbiting astronauts do. Flying through the air, with no harness, no parachute, nothing except you and the air around you is a sensation that one has to feel to believe. Space Adventures is offering you an escape from something that has been holding you down for your entire life — gravity. Group after group of Space Adventurers have come away with an experience that is nothing short of life changing.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to walk on the Moon? Or Mars? Each Space Adventures Zero Gravity Flight program has intervals of Moon and Martian gravity. You’ll feel like you are stepping into history as you experience what moonwalkers Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin felt during their pioneering lunar mission. And you will get a glimpse into the future when you see what it is like to walk on Mars, before the first human has even set foot on the Red Planet.

Space Adventures Zero Gravity Flight Program is an up close and personal look at real astronaut training. You will be instructed and accompanied by the same professional flight team used by Space Adventures private space explorers. These experienced professionals will give you an official briefing the night before your flight to answer any questions you have, and they will help you flip twist and fly in ways you never dreamed possible during your flight the next day. By participating, you are joining an exclusive group of people who have experienced astronaut training first hand and left gravity behind.

More in the photo gallery

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