International Space Development Conference History Page

For those of you who have never been to the International Space Development Conference (ISDC), here is an excellent source to view past ISDCs:

The ISDC History Page

The International Space Development Conference


In 1982 the L5 Society unexpectedly started a tradition that will reach its’ 20th anniversary in 2002. I have been very close to this yearly event from its’ inception to its’ current status under the National Space Society as the central yearly event of the space activist movement. I will from time to time add documents and images from past conferences to this page. Don’t expect things to show up instantly unless you personally have lots of interesting material you’d like to see placed here. Also, I will be looking on this as an archive repository, not as a quick look facility. So any page images and photos will be rather large and slow to download.

Table of Contents


  • List of ISDC’s and ISDC Chairs
  • 1982 ISDC Los Angelos, California
  • 1983 ISDC Houston, Texas
  • 1984 ISDC San Francisco, California
  • 1985 ISDC Washington, DC
  • 1986 ISDC Seattle, Washington
  • 1987 ISDC Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1988 ISDC Denver, Colorado
  • 1989 ISDC Chicago, Illinois
  • 1990 ISDC Anaheim, California
  • 1991 ISDC San Antonio, Texas
  • 1992 ISDC Washington, DC
  • 1993 ISDC Hunstville, Alabama
  • 1994 ISDC Toronto, Canada
  • 1995 ISDC Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1996 ISDC New York, New York
  • 1997 ISDC Orlando, Florida
  • 1998 ISDC Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 1999 ISDC Houston, Texas
  • 2000 ISDC Tucson, Arizona
  • 2001 ISDC Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • 2002 ISDC Denver, Colorado
  • 2003 ISDC San Jose, California
  • 2004 ISDC Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • 2005 ISDC Washington, DC
  • 2006 ISDC Los Angelos, California
  • 2007 ISDC Dallas, Texas
  • 2008 ISDC Washington, DC

    Other Events

  • 1984 L5 Northeast Regional, Pittsburgh
  • 2005 Fall Board Meeting, Las Cruces
  • 2006 Fall Board Meeting, Las Cruces
  • 2005 XPrize Cup, Las Cruces
  • 2006 XPrize Cup, Las Cruces

    Related History

  • The Heinlein Award
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