Annual Chapter Reports are due February 15, 2007

For all those interested.  Our Chapter Treasurer, Menkes van den Briel, should have this ready for our Chapter soon!


 Veronica Ann

Chapter President

The NSS of Phoenix

Chapter Annual Reports

In order to maintain standing as an NSS chapter, both US and international chapters need to file a report with the organization every year; the reporting deadline is February 15th. NSS Affiliates may also file information reports using the form below.

Although we are striving to have a standard filing form, at this time the forms on this page are for your convenience and are not mandatory for the 2005 filing year [due on February 15, 2006].

Reports should be submitted by email to the vice president for chapters, the regional coordinator(s) for your chapter, and to NSS headquarters; for chapters reporting financial information (US chapters that do not file separately with the IRS) a paper copy to NSS headquarters is also required. The most recent contact information for the chapters vice president, chapters support at NSS headquarters, and your regional coordinators is available on the chapter coordinators page. NSS Headquarters can be reached at:

National Space Society
1620 I (Eye) Street NW, Suite 615
Washington, DC 20006, USA
FAX: (202) 463-8497

Chapter reports must include updated contact information for your chapter, any changes to your bylaws, and financial information covering the previous calendar year for chapters that do not file separately from NSS. They should also include a list or description of activities for the past year and a count of chapter membership, and may include a full list of members. Any other information chapters wish to regularly report to NSS should also be included in the report.

Chapters are encouraged to make use of the following forms for their reports:


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