Exclusive Membership Benefits


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Exclusive Membership Benefits  

  • Full year subscription to Ad Astra, NSS’s awarding-winning magazine, featuring the latest news in space exploration and stunning full-color photography.
  • Full year subscription to The Downlink, NSS’s monthly electronic newsletter with the latest insider information on the world of space. (Important: do we have your email address? If not, please send it to members@nss.org. NSS has a strict privacy policy and will not sell or rent your email address.
  • Invitation to join the NSS Political Action Network, the members-only action team dedicated to actively promoting a spacefaring civilization. (Join by sending an email to members@nss.org stating your interest)

  • Special members-only discount to the annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC) as well as other NSS events – where you can interact with NASA astronauts, members of Congress, entrepreneurs and scientists.
  • Invitation to join regional NSS Chapters and actively participate in local lectures, workshops, films and more. For more information, visit http://chapters.nss.org.



  • These high quality Apollo Panoramic prints show the lunar surface like no other picture has previously, and many are actually hand signed by the Apollo astronauts themselves, see below for example. Visit http://moonpans.com/nss/ to receive your 10% member discount.

  • Members-only discounts on zero-gravity parabolic flights! Contact Zero Gravity Corporation for more information at www.nogravity.com.

NSS Members Can Now Join The NASA Federal Credit Union

NSS Members and their families can now join the NASA Federal Credit Union. Take full advantage of all the benefits credit union membership provides, including great rates on deposits and loans, plus out of this world service.

Join the more than 65,000 members who have discovered how to save more and earn more at NASA Federal (www.nasafcu.com)

 Carry the images of NASA with you! Open a Checking or eChecking account and get a supply of checks with three great space designs, including the Shuttle. And, get a NASA Federal Check/Debit Card with an Earth image.

Enjoy nationwide access to your money with a network of 2,075 service centers and 25,321 surcharge-free ATMs across the U.S. and
Canada to serve your financial needs.


Explore online banking services. To discover all the advantages available to you and your family call 1-888-NASA-FCU (1-888-627-2328) or visit http://www.nasafcu.com/

NSS members can take advantage of discounts at the following Planetariums:

  • Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center – Hutchinson, KS $2.00 discount
  • Omniplex Science Museum – Oklahoma City, OK $1.00 discount
  • Astronaut Memorial Planetarium and Observatory – Cocoa, FL $1.00 discount
  • Chabot Space & Science Center – Oakland, CA $5.00 discount
  • Schenectady Museum – Schenectady, NY $1.00 discount
  • Carnegie Science Center – Pittsburgh, PA $2.00 discount

Just present you NSS membership card to begin your virtual journey to the stars!

NSS members can now join the Space Adventures Spaceflight Club at a reduced rate. The Spaceflight Club is open to all who have an interested in private spaceflight, a desire to fly in space, or simply want to play an active role in the development of the emerging space travel industry.BENEFITS:

* All annual dues accrue credits toward the price of a suborbital spaceflight

*Ten percent of the price of other Space Adventures’ program purchases, such as a US Zero-G Flight, accrue credit toward the payment of your suborbital spaceflight

*Access to VIP exclusive Space Adventures’ events featuring astronauts, cosmonauts and other space visionaries

*Invitations to members-only tours, launches and receptions

*Plus many, many more benefits

NSS members can join the spaceflight club for the discounted rate of $900 a year. All of your dues go directly to your own suborbital space flight.

For more information on the spaceflight club call
1-888-85-SPACE or email info@spaceadventures.com

For more information on the Spaceflight Club click here.


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