The National Space Society’s Phone Tree

04 February 2007


This site is a “living” media and will constantly be under revision, especially due to the upcoming NSS 2007 Space Blitz and recent developments related to the NASA Budget cuts and  upcoming Presidential elections.

Please pay special to the NSS Phone Tree Regions section of the page in which John Strickland spent numerous hours generating.  To him we are in his debt for his dedication in this project!  Here you will find YOUR NSS Phone Tree Regional and State Coordinator.  Please note, if you do not see either an NSS Phone Tree Regional or State Coordinator in your respective Region, please converse amongst your peers to see who would be qualified to represent YOUR NSS Region in matters related to Space Policy as well as other interests the National Space Society promotes.

We currently have a few openings available within the  NSS Phone Tree Committee.  These are as follows:

Chair: Veronica Ann Zabala-Aliberto

  •  Assistant Chair:  John Strickland
  • Secretary: open
  • Resources Coordinator:  open
  • Internet Coordinators: Veronica Ann Zabala-Aliberto and Ronnie Lajoie

  • Please contact me if you would like to contribute your time and efforts to the NSS Phone Tree. Cheers,

    Veronica Ann

    NSS Phone Tree Coordinator


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