“Overview Effect”

Astronauts report that seeing the Earth from space creates
a powerful experience called the “Overview Effect”
“The Overview Effect is the experience of seeing the Earth from a distance, especially from orbit or the Moon, and realizing the inherent unity and oneness of everything on the planet. The Effect represents a shift in perception wherein the viewer moves from identification with parts of the Earth to identification with the whole system.” – Frank White, author of The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution.

Overview Effect Conference Goals – Examining how the impact of mass spaceflight and The Overview Effect will change our world:

Astronauts will describe the reality of The Overview Effect on their own lives.
Brain/mind scientists will examine the cognitive nature of The Effect and suggest how The Overview Effect is hidden from us by the inherent limitations of human perception.
Artists and simulation media experts will give powerful demonstrations of how New Media technologies and arts can communicate the Overview Effect to Earth-bound millions.
Cultural leaders and futurists will explore how the coming of mass space travel and the Overview Effect will soon affect every aspect of world culture.
The Entire Team will begin the creation of an Overview Organization that will continue these initiatives in research, public education and space media development.

Currently Scheduled Presenters:

Frank White (Keynote) – Author of The Overview Effect, Houghton Mifflin, 1987, AIAA, 1998.
Edgar Mitchell – Sixth man on the Moon and founder of The Institute of Noetic Sciences.
Barbara Marx Hubbard – Associate of Buckminster Fuller, founder of the Harvest Moon Project and 1984 Democratic nominee for Vice President of the United States.
Andrew Newberg – Director of the University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of The Mind and Spirituality. Author of Why We Believe What We Believe.
Dan Curry – Seven time Emmy Award winning visual effects Producer/Supervisor for the Star Trek Television shows and movies.
Douglas Trumbull – Oscar winning film and visual effects director (2001, Close Encounters, Blade Runner, Silent Running, Brainstorm, etc.). Created the original “ride-film”, (Back to the Future), and the Showscan Film and was VP of I-Max.
Keith Ferrell – Editor of Omni Magazine. Internationally known author of dozens of books and hundreds of articles on the psycho-social effects of technology.
Dave Brody – Executive Producer/Director of Media, Imaginova Corp (Space.com).
Rick Tumlinson – Founder, Space Frontier Foundation.
John Spencer – Founder, Space Tourism Society.
Robert K. (Bob) Weiss – Vice chairman of the X-Prize foundation, film and TV producer/writer/director (The Blues Brothers, Sliders and many others). Director, executive or consultant for numerous space organizations.
Carter Emmart – Director of Astro-visualization at the Hayden Planetarium. Headed development of the Uni-view Earth and Space visualization software.
Steven Zuckerman – Grammy Award winning music producer, founder Global Entertainment and Media Summit.
George Whitesides – President of the National Space Society, Space Frontier Foundation Advocate. He and his wife, Loretta, will be the first newlyweds to take their honeymoon in space on Virgin Galactic Spacelines.
Loretta Whitesides Heads Space Generation Foundation which organizes Yuri’s Night.

Special Video Addresses and Interviews with:

Rusty Schweickart – The Apollo 9 astronaut, co-founder of the Association of Space Explorers, chairman and founder of the B612 Foundation, an international leader in the effort to develop systems to protect the Earth from asteroid impacts.
“Doc Searls” – Senior editor of Linux Journal, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of business as Usual. One of the world’s most quoted bloggers and a fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for the Internet and Society.

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