READING SPACE: NSS Reviews and Recommended Reading

NSS REVIEW: Non-Fiction
Book of the Month (JUL)

More Non-Fiction Books

Title: Too Far From Home
Author: Chris Jones
Date: March 6, 2007

Work of the Month (JUL)

More Fiction Works

Title: The Astronaut Farmer (DVD)
Director: Michael Polish
Date: 2007


NSS REVIEW: Children’s
Book of the Month (JUL)

More Children’s Books

Title: Darok 9
Author: H. J. Ralles
Date: 2002

The true story of what it was like to be stranded aboard the International Space Station after the loss of the Shuttle Columbia.


A solid story-telling movie about a man building a rocket, not just for himself or his dream, but to show his children the heights they can achieve.


In a future where the human survivors of a devastated Earth live in “Daroks” on the Moon, a scientist holds the key to survival.

Read our review by
Masse Bloomfield


Read our review by
Ken Murphy


Read our review by
Marianne Dyson


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