Non-Profit Chapters Meeting

Non-Profit Chapters Meeting
13 June 2009
Challenger Space Center

The meeting began an effort to collaborate on outreach to the public in support of Space Exploration.

Chapters Represented:

National Space Society (NSS)
The Moon Society
The Mars Society
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
The Planetary Society

Other organizations that should be included:

United Federation of Planets (UFP)
Space Exploration Alliance

Representatives included:

Veronica Ann Zabala – NSS chapter president
Greg Rucker – NSS chapter secretary
Craig Porter – The Moon Society past president
Mark Longenback – AIAA past chair
Patrick Lonchar – NSS treasurer
Don Jock – The Moon Society president
Rich Christianson – AIAA public policy
Dave Fischer – NSS weblog contributor
Scott Hansen – NSS friend
Patty – The Moon Society VP promotions

Other local resource persons:
David Hewitt – NSS – PAC – Phone Tree
Hough Downs – NSS activist
Lori Garver – former NSS Board of Directors
George Whiteside – NSS – Obama Advisor

Upcoming Events:

20 July – ASU – Space Exploration Day
TBD – Sally Ride – ASU
TBD – ASU – Earth & Space Exploration

General Discussion:

Development of Action Items
Possible sponsorship of ISDC 2012
Second Life activities
ASU Spaceflight Photography Lab


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