Celebrate Apollo 11.

This Saturday, July 18th, Mike Mackowski and Chuck Lesher are giving back to back presentations twice that day and Don (President Moon Society Phoenix) will have a table setup at the Arizona Science Center. Mike is giving a presentation on the Apollo Program and the history of lunar exploration. Chuck will be giving a presentation on the current plans for returning to the moon with an emphasis on NASA’s Constellation Program. The first time will be at 12 noon at the Science Center downtown and the next will be at 3pm at the Challenger Center in Peoria.

After a full day of space advocating and Apollo 11 celebrating, you are all invited to come on over to Chuck’s house and socialize. Even if you cannot help out during the day, please come and join us. Bring your spouse and kids and cousin Ed if he is in town. The more the merrier! Chuck will have BBQ and sodas. BYOB or whatever. You can bring chips or salads or other munches if you want but it is not required. Let’s just get together and have some fun while we calibrate the first steps of man off planet Earth!

Chuck’s House
1982 N Iowa St
Chandler, AZ 85225
Southwest Quadrant of Arizona Ave and Warner Rd

Please feel free to call Don or me. Here are our cell phone numbers

602-616-3162 Chuck
480-330-6119 Don


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