LCROSS – Brace for Impact


Credit: NASA Image

Tomorrow morning at 4:31:20 PDT (Phoenix time), the Centaur upper stage of the LRO mission will impact Cabeus crater on the Moon. At 4:35:39 the LCROSS instrument package will impact the Moon, having recorded the Centaur impact with a variety of imaging and spectroscopic instruments.

What are we looking for? WATER. Worth its weight in gold.

A complete list of events leading up to impact can be found at the LCROSS Flight Director’s Blog. Key events:

  • 01:00 PDT: Final orbit determination delivery for Separation(completed)
  • 17:00 PDT: Slow rotation to Separation attitude starts
  • 18:50 PDT: Separation
  • 19:30 PDT: Braking Burn starts (LCROSS)
  • 03:00 PDT: Start of Impact onboard command sequence
  • 3:36 PDT: Payload powers on
  • 4:10 PDT: Total Luminescence Photometer (TLP) Instrument powers on
  • 4:30:20 PDT: Flash Mode begins
  • 4:31:20 PDT: Centaur Impact
  • 4:31:23 PDT: Curtain Mode begins
  • 4:34:23 PDT: Crater Mode begins
  • 4:35:39 PDT: Shepherding Spacecraft impact

The latest LCROSS news can be found here.

Watch the LCROSS impact live starting at 3:30 PDT on NASA TV.

You can follow the live blog at NasaSpaceFlight. Current comments on the last page listed in the upper left.


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