Intelsat 14 – Atlas V Launch

At 10:33 PM Phoenix time, we have eight (8) minutes and counting until a planned hold at T minus 4 minutes in the launch of the Atlas 5 carrying the Intelsat 14 satellite.

Intelsat 14 - Construction

Intelsat 14 under construction.
Credit: ULA TV

Intelsat 14 on Atlas 5

T minus 8 Minutes.
Credit: ULA TV

Launch is scheduled beginning at 10:50 PM Phoenix time. Weather is satisfactory.

We have a new T minus zero scheduled at 11:15 PM Phoenix time. Weather is green through the window. Extended hold due to reprogramming the flight computer (to take into account balloon data) taking longer than expected.

Weather Balloon Profile

Weather Balloon Profile.
Credit: ULA TV

Wind Shear Aloft

Wind shear aloft.
Credit: ULA TV

And the weather information updates are taking a long time. New launch time is 11:35 PM.

Wind shear aloft is a problem. Flight profile would not be good. A new balloon has been launched, and we are awaiting a new launch time.

And the weather aloft has now pushed the launch back to 11:55 PM Phoenix time. The US Air Force Range has approved the change. It is going to be a late night for all concerned.

Eye Candy Details

Eye Candy Details.
Credit: ULA TV

Details at T minus 4 minutes and holding for weather

More Details, at T minus 4 minutes and holding for weather.
Credit: ULA TV

The latest word from ULA is that “Things are improving with regard to developing a new flight program. They’re going to have one more shot to create a new program if this one doesn’t work, that will take us to the end of the window.”

All of this is based on the changing wind profiles aloft.

Weather aloft has improved. The launch director is polling all systems prior to coming out of the hold.

… and we are GO for LAUNCH!

T minus 3:48

T minus 3:48 and counting.
Credit: ULA TV


Credit: ULA TV


Credit: ULA TV


Credit: ULA TV

Animation - Centaur Burn

Animation – Centaur Burn.
Credit: ULA TV

Animation - Centaur Burn

Mid Course Correction.
Credit: ULA TV

All systems are go. We are on the way to Geo Stationary Orbit.

Good Night All.


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