Endeavour STS-130 Launch Watch

Mission Patch
Image Credit: NASA

Countdown coverage of the launch of Endeavour (STS-130) on NASA TV and NASA’s Launch Blog begins at 9:30 PM Phoenix time (11:30 PM EST) tonight, 6 February. Launch is scheduled for Sunday at 2:39 AM Phoenix time Sunday morning (4:39 AM EST).

Weather is 80 percent Go for Launch, primary concern is high winds at Pad-A.

Comments by Flight Director Kwatsi Alibaruho can be found on NASASpaceFlight.com.

In the meantime, the International Space Station received the Progress M-04M resupply vessel and will unload some 2,600 kg of supplies.

Left is Endeavor on the launch pad. Weather is beginning to be an issue. A thick cloud level is at 6,000 feet and this will be a problem for launch.

Currently we are at t-minus 3 hours and holding.

All three trans Atlantic abort sites have good weather and are not a problem.

The Shuttle crew is preparing to suit up and begin boarding Endeavour.

Endeavour on the Pad
Image Credit: NASA TV
Tranquility and Cupola Loading
Image Credit: NASA TV

Earlier this week, Tranquility Node 3 and the Cupola were loaded into the Shuttle payload bay.

The problems with the ammonia cooling tubing have been resolved thanks to the two tiger teams that worked the problem

Weather has now pulled the chance of launch down to 60%. The main concern is no longer the high winds. The problem is the cloud cover.

The astronauts are suiting up in preparation for boarding the Shuttle.

We are 20 minutes from coming out of the built in hold at T-minus 3 hours.

Coverage will resume here 30 minutes before launch.

Suiting Up
Image Credit:NASA TV

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