ISS – Cupola – Open for Business

Video: You Tube – NASA TV

You Tube video of the dedication of the Cupola on the International Space Station. The Cupola has seven windows. Six in a hexagon shape and the seventh in the center.

There were eleven crew members on the ISS during the STS-130 mission, which installed the Tranquility module (Node 3) and completed the American portion of the Space Station. Five from the current ISS staff and six from the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Endeavour undocked from the Space Station last evening at 5:45 PM Phoenix time (7:54 PM EST). Landings are possible at Kennedy Space Center at 8:16 PM and 9:51 PM Phoenix time on Sunday (10:16 PM. and 11:51 PM EST), or 11:20 PM Saturday night Phoenix time (1:20 AM EST Sunday) and 12:55 AM Phoenix time Monday (2:55 AM EST Monday) at Edwards Air Force Base, California.


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