Meet Astronaut Cady Coleman – 11 March 2010

Astronaut Cady Coleman
Astronaut Cady Coleman
Image Credit: NASA

Join American Astronaut Cady Coleman

for a discussion about

the “nuts and bolts” of Astronaut training

on Thursday, March 11 at 11 a.m.

in the Refectory, Honors Hall, Barrett Honors College Complex (7F)
Tempe Campus, Arizona State University

RSVPs are not required but are appreciated to


Dr. Coleman, a veteran of two space missions, has logged over 500 hours in space. “It’s a magical place,” said Dr. Coleman about outer space. “It’s very addictive.”

She is currently training for long duration flight on the International Space Station. She is assigned to the Expedition 26 crew and is scheduled to launch from Kazakhstan on the Russian Soyuz in late 2010. She will log more than 4,000 hours orbiting the Earth.

Reflecting on her intensive preparation for her upcoming mission, Dr. Coleman told CNN: “I think that an important part of a space mission is to share it with people around the world, and that includes sharing the training that leads up to the mission. It is easy to think that astronauts just wake up one day, throw on a space suit, climb into the nearest rocket and launch off into space. I’d like for you to understand some of the nuts and bolts of what it takes to get ready for a mission, and to know what it is like for me and my family on the personal front as well.”

In the meantime, follow Dr. Coleman on twitter (Astro_Cady). CNN is profiling Dr. Coleman’s training – you can read her blog.

See also Cady Coleman Returns. Dr. Coleman completed 157 days on the ISS as a member of Expedition 26.


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