Soyuz TMA-19 Docking with the ISS

The Russian Soyuz spacecraft TMA-19 is on schedule to dock with the International Space Station this afternoon at 3:25 PM Phoenix time (22:25 UTC).

Key events in the automated docking time-line include:

  • 1:06 PM – Initiation of the automated rendezvous sequence
  • 1:28 PM – First key engine firing
  • 1:51 PM – Second engine firing, followed by the activation of the Kurs rendezvous equipment
  • 2:12 PM – Soyuz is within 60 miles of the ISS
  • 2:37 PM – Soyuz reaches a distance of 10 miles from the ISS
  • 2:45 PM – The television camera in the nose of the spacecraft is activated
  • 2:53 PM – Initiation of maneuvers to slow the closure rate and align the Soyuz with the Zvezda service module docking port
  • 3:16 PM – Beginning of final approach
  • 3:25 PM – Docking complete
  • 6:25 PM – Opening of the hatches between the Soyuz and the ISS

Soyuz 01
Soyuz TMA spacecraft
Image Credit: Energia

Soyuz 02
Soyuz TMA spacecraft cross section
Image Credit: Energia

At 2:12 PM Phoenix time (21:12 UTC), Soyuz TMA-19 and the ISS are separated by only 60 miles (100 km).

At 3:00 PM Phoenix time, NASA-TV should begin coverage of the arrival of the Soyuz spacecraft.

Soyuz Mission Control
Soyuz Mission Control
Image Credit: NASA TV

At 3:07 PM, the Soyuz is 400 meters from the ISS. It is closing at about 1.7 meters per second.

At 3:10 PM, the range is 300 meters, rate 0.9 meters per second. A fly around is being conducted outside the Zvezda module.

At 3:14 PM, there is a GO for final Approach.

At 3:17 PM, 80 meters.

At 3:21 PM, contact is confirmed. Four minutes ahead of schedule. These guys don’t waste any time.

The docking occurred 222 miles above the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Argentina.

ISS from Soyuz
ISS from Soyuz
Image Credit: NASA TV

Soyuz 300 Meters
Soyuz Closing At 80 Meters
Image Credit: NASA TV

ISS from Soyuz
The Docking Location for the Soyuz TMA-19
Image Credit: NASA TV

Approaching the Zvezda Docking Port
Image Credit: NASA TV


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