Progress M-06M Docking with ISS – Second Chance

Progress Docking
Progress Docking
Image Credit: NASA

On Friday, 2 July 2010, the Progress M-06M experienced communication difficulties and failed to dock with the International Space Station (ISS). A very rare event for this space workhorse.

A second attempt is tentatively scheduled for Sunday at 9:17 AM Phoenix time (1617 GMT).

Follow the docking live on NASA-TV.

At 8:35 AM Phoenix, the Progress is 7 km from the ISS.

The problem experience Friday was not the result of any problem with the Kurs docking system, but was caused by the activation of the television system on the Progress and the telerobotic system on the ISS, which interfered with the command link.

Automated docking is scheduled for 9:17 AM Phoenix time.

At 8:40 AM, Progress is 5 km from ISS. Five minutes from now, Progress will begin a fly around of the Zvezda service module to align Progress with the docking collar.

After Progress docks and the seals are cleared, the space station crew will unload 1900 pounds of fuel, 110 pounds of oxygen, 220 pounds of water, and 2700 pounds of maintenance supplies, clothing, experimental gear, and other supplies.

At 8:50, the Progress has completed the approach, and is beginning its alignment with the aft port of the Zvezda docking ring.

There have been no problems reported so far.

Following the initial alignment, Russian engineers will verify the visual alignment with the docking target, at which time the go ahead for docking will be given.

At 8:55 AM phoenix time, Progress is about 220 meters from the ISS.

Progress is station keeping at a distance of 184 meters. Final approach will begin 6 minutes after the hour.

Progress Approach
Progress View of ISS At 7 km
Image Credit: NASA TV

Progress at 1 KM
View of ISS at 1 km from Progress
Image Credit: NASA TV

Progress Approach
View of Progress
Image Credit: NASA TV

At 9:06 AM, we await initiation of the final approach.

Final approach has begun.

Range is 165 meters and the closing rate is 0.8 meters per second.

At ten minutes to docking, we are less than 100 meters.

The docking port is right in the cross hairs, and 66 meters separating Progress from ISS.

Range is 40 meters, closing at 0.2 meters per second.

Range is 8 meters, and closing rate is 0.12 meters per second.

Docking complete at 9:18 AM Phoenix time.

Progress At 40 Meters
Progress At 40 Meters
Image Credit: NASA TV

Progress Soft Dock
Progress Soft Docked with ISS
Image Credit: NASA TV

At the present time, the docking collar has been withdrawn and a hard seal has been established. Over the next several minutes, the hooks and latches within the docking mechanism will engage creating a hard mate for Progress.

Following the hard mate, leak tests will be conducted. The hatch opening and supply transfer is expected to begin about three hours from now at 12:30 PM Phoenix time (19:30 UTC).

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