The Parking Lot at the International Space Station

Russian Orbital Segment
The Russian Orbital Segment
Image Credit: Wikipedia

With the arrival of the Progress 38 resupply vessel (M-06M), the parking lot at the International Space Station has gotten crowded.

Prior to Progress 38’s arrival, the following activities occurred:

Soyuz 21 (TMA-17) arrived on 22 December 2009 and originally docked at the Zarya nadir port. TMA-17 relocated to the Zvezda aft docking port on 12 May 2010 to make room for the attachment of the Rassvet MRM-1 module to the Zarya port during the STS-132 Space Shuttle mission later in May. TMA-17 undocked and returned to Earth on 2 June 2010, making room for TMA-19.

The Zarya module was launched in 1998 by STS-88, and was connected to the United States Unity module.

The Zvezda module was launched in 2000, and connected to the Zarya module. Zvezda – Zarya – Unity form the core of the ISS.

Soyuz 22 (TMA-18) docked with the Poisk module on 4 April 2010. It is scheduled to depart in September. The Poisk module is also known as MRM-2.

Progress 37 (M-05M) arrived on 1 May 2010 and docked at the Pirs module (not shown inn the ISS Construction diagram below. The Nauka module, which is shown below, will dock at the Zvezda nadir port when launched in mid 2012).

Soyuz 23 (TMA-19) docked with the Zvezda module on 17 June 2010. Earlier this week it was undocked and manually flown to its new location on the Rassvet module. Internet and power cables will be routed to the automatic docking mechanism on Rassvet in July during space walks by the crew of TMA-19 following the arrival of Progress 38 (M-06M). The Rassvet module, is also known as MRM-1, the Mini-Research Module.

All available parking places are full. Only Space Shuttle docks on the American side are open.

ISS Construction
Exploded View of ISS Construction
Image Credit: NASA


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