Falcon 9 Hot Fire Test

Falcon 9
Falcon 9 Launch on 4 June 2010.
Credit: Ben Cooper, launchphotography.com / spaceflightnow.com

Tomorrow morning, Friday, 3 December, Space-X will webcast the static fire test of the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket. Coverage begins at 6:00 AM Phoenix time (8:00 AM EST), with the static fire to commence anytime after 7:00 AM Phoenix time.

This first stage firing is part of a full launch dress rehearsal at the Space Launch Complex 40 at the U.S. Air Force Station at Cape Canaveral in preparation for the first Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) launch of the Dragon spacecraft. The rehearsal will exercise the countdown processes and end after the engines fire at full power for two seconds, with only the hold-down system restraining the rocket from flight.

The launch is set for 7 December, with the launch window opening at 7:03 AM Phoenix time (14:03-17:22 UTC). The previous launch video on 4 June can be viewed here.


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