COTS-1 Falcon and Dragon Static Test

T Minus 57 Minutes
T Minus 57 Minutes until Static Test Fire
Image Credit: SpaceX Web Cast

Falcon 9
Dragon Spacecraft.
Credit: SpaceX

Space-X has revised its schedule again and will now begin its webcast at 9:45 AM Phoenix time (11:45 AM EST). The static test firing is scheduled for 10:45 AM Phoenix time (17:45 UTC).

Updates will be made here as the day progresses.

The launch is set for 7 December, with the launch window opening at 7:03 AM Phoenix time (14:03-17:22 UTC). The previous launch video on 4 June can be viewed here.

Below is the Falcon 9 and Dragon on the rollout to the pad, yesterday, 2 December 2010.

Roll Out of the Falcon 9 and Dragon Space Craft on 2 December 2010.
Image Credit: SpaceX

Additional Rollout images from the SpaceX Facebook Gallery.

You can follow the latest SpaceX updates on Twitter.

A good review of today’s static test.

Seven Minutes to static fire. It will be a two second run up to full power and then the engines will shut down.

The count is on hold. This is now three minutes into the hold. The count is at T-Minus 7 minutes and 45 seconds.

The count has been recycled to T-Minus 10:00 minutes.

And now we have a readiness poll.

Everyone so far has responded positively, and the count is at T-Minus 8:45.

T-Minus 7 minutes and counting.

T-Minus 5 minutes and counting.

Static firing has ended. Now we wait for the analysis of the data.

Static Fire

Below is the You Tube video.

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