Ariane 5 Launch Day Two

When last we tuned in to the launch of Ariane 5 carrying Hispasat 1E and Koreasat 6, the weather had clamped a hold on the countdown as darkness descended.

The launch was scrubbed due to high winds at 2:57 PM Phoenix time (21:57 UTC), and rescheduled for this afternoon, with the same launch window - from 2:27 PM to 3:15 PM (21:27 to 22:15 UTC).

Live TV coverage resumes here at about 2:10 PM (21:10 UTC).

The weather is good and all systems are green. The high winds aloft have subsided.

Hold Due to Weather
Ariane 5 - Hold Due to Weather
Image Credit: Arianespace TV

Ariane 5
Ariane 5 - T-minus 12 minutes
Image Credit: Arianespace TV

At T-minus 7:00 minutes, the launch has gone into the automatic sequence.

T-minus 2 minutes.


At 1:30 all systems are functioning well.

At 2:30 into the flight, we have booster separation.

We are now 22 minutes into the flight, and all systems remain nominal. The second stage is performing flawlessly.

Ariane 5
Ariane 5 - Launch
Image Credit: Arianespace TV

90 Seconds
Ariane 5 - 90 Seconds After Launch
Image Credit: Arianespace TV

Ariane 5
Ariane 5 - Booster Separation From Ariane 5
Image Credit: Arianespace TV

Ariane 5
Ariane 5 - Boosters Falling Away
Image Credit: Arianespace TV

The second stage has completed its powered phase at 25 minutes into the flight. The velocity at this time is 9.3 km per second. Altitude is about 1000 kilometers.

At 30 minutes into the flight, the altitude is now 1500 km, and the velocity has dropped to 8.64 km per second. The Hispasat satellite has separated from the second stage. It is now on its way to a geostationary orbit. Koreasat will separate at about 35 minutes into the flight.

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