NSS New Year Outreach Campaign


Dear NSS Member, Supporter, Friend:

Thank you for your support this year. NSS exists primarily on the contributions of space enthusiasts who, like you, care deeply about our future in space. With your support, we have made significant strides in promoting space exploration this year -- including helping to pass the landmark NASA Authorization Act of 2010, a bipartisan unified space policy that will guide our nation's space efforts for many years. It is a hard-won victory and one we can all be proud of.

Your support of NSS has also helped us: promote governmental, commercial, and non-governmental organization space efforts; create the Kalam-NSS Energy Initiative (an international effort to hasten the harvesting of solar power in space for the benefit of humanity); and enhance our highly regarded International Space Development Conference (ISDC) -- making it one of the leading forums for space enthusiasts to advance new ideas and developments that can change our future.


But despite these incredible successes, we are facing new challenges in 2011 -- and your support is truly needed now.

All our hard work on the passage of the NASA Authorization Act and its Unified Space Policy may be for naught if there is no funding for it. Currently, Congress has not approved a bill for fiscal year 2011 that will appropriate any funding for the NASA Authorization Act. This is a real concern.

A new Congress takes office in January and we must act quickly to bring the new senators, representatives, and their staffs up to speed on space issues and the importance of space exploration to the American public. We know, from our previous successes, that when we are in front of our congressional leaders, we can make an impact -- and that's what we plan to do. We want them to support funding for this brave Act.

Because there are so many new players, we must manage the broadest outreach activity possible -- and that can only be done with financial support and contributions from our members like you. Click here to donate now.

In the coming year, the path forward with our government's development of a heavy lift launch capability will be blazed; the International Space Station (ISS) utilization will begin in earnest; a broad array of technology development efforts will be started; and ISS commercial cargo/crew initiatives will be taken to the next level. Commercial involvement in all aspects of space endeavors will continue its transition from promising possibilities to actual test flights. With NSS playing an increasingly important role in fostering and supporting an enduring framework for space exploration and development across all sectors, your contribution now can truly make a tremendous difference.

Please make your contribution to NSS now, so that we can start the year strong -- and make a real impact. Donate now. Together, we can accomplish much -- and make the future better.



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