Progress M-09M Docks with ISS

Spacecraft at ISS
Spacecraft Currently Docked at the International Space Station
Image Credit: NASA

Back in July 2010, things got crowded at the International Space Station.

Things are again getting crowded with the arrival of the Japanese HTV-2 ("Kounotori") last Thursday and the Russian Progress M-09M (P41) this past Saturday. One other Progress vessel is docked there (P39), and two Soyuz spacecraft are also docked on the Russian side.

The European ATV-2 Johannes Kepler cargo craft will arrive several days after launch on 15 February, and the Space Shuttle Discovery will arrive after its anticipated launch on 24 February. ATV-2 will be moved to the Harmony docking port away from Earth to make room for Discovery at the Earth side port where it currently resides. After the departure of Discovery, it will be moved back.

Below is a list of the supplies delivered by the Progress spacecraft and NASA's exploded view of the Space Station showing all the parts.

Progress M-09M Cargo Supplies

Prop in the propulsion system tanks for the ISS needs - 250 kg
Prop in the refueling system tanks 502kg
Gas in the oxygen supply system containers
- oxygen 50kg
Water in the Rodnik system tanks 420kg
The items in the cargo compartment 1444kg
Equipment for the systems:
gas supply system 7kg
water supply system 106kg
thermal control system 9kg
on-board hardware control system 4kg
electrical power supply system 77kg
Telemetry data system (BITS2-12) 1kg
Maintenance and repair equipment 4kg
Sanitary and hygienic items 71kg
Food containers, fresh products 222kg
Medical equipment, linen, personal hygienic and prophylactics items 106kg
Russian crew’s hardware138kg
Science experimental hardware, including hardware for Photon-Gamma, Typology, SVCh-radiometria, Biodegradation, Radioskaf-V (Kedr satellite) experimental items 147kg
On-board documentation files, crew provisions, video- and photo-equipment 23kg
MRM-1 hardware 16kg
Soyuz TMA-M hardware 2kg
SM-hardware 2kg
MRM-2- hardware 5kg
FGB-hardware 140kg
USOS hardware 371kg
Total mass of the cargo delivered 2666kg

ISS Construction
Exploded View of ISS Construction
Image Credit: NASA


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