Johannes Kepler Launch – Day 2

Following a scrubbed launch due to erroneous fuel manifold readings at T-Minus 4:01, Arianespace will try again today to launch the Johannes Kepler cargo spacecraft.

Launch is schedule for 2:50 PM Phoenix time (2150 UTC).

NASA TV coverage will begin at 2:15 PM.

This will be the 200th launch of an Ariane rocket, dating back to the Ariane 1 in 1979.

Faulty Data at T-Minus 4:08. Scrubbed at T-Minus 4:01
Image Credit: ESA TV

At 2:20 PM Phoenix time, we are 30 minutes from launch. All systems are currently ok.

At launch minus 20 minutes, weather is good at Kourou.

Comparison of ATV2 with Apollo and Soyuz
Image Credit: NASA TV

ATV2 carrying Double Decker Bus
Image Credit: NASA TV

T-Minus 11 Minutes
T Minus 11 Minutes
Image Credit: ESA TV

T-Minus 7 minutes. The automated sequencing has begun.

At T-minus 4 minutes and counting, weather is still good.

T-minus 2 minutes.

T-minus 60 seconds.

Successful Launch.

Image Credit: ESA TV

Into the clouds
Image Credit: ESA TV

At 6 minutes, altitude is 138 km and velocity is 3.0 km per second.

At 9 minutes, the second stage is firing.

At 12 minutes, altitude is 147 km and velocity is 7.2 km per second.

At 16 minutes, altitude is 145 km and velocity is 7.5 km per second.

At 17:20 the second stage engine has stopped fired.

42 minutes from now, a second burn will occur.

All systems are functioning nominally at this time.

Docking is scheduled for 24 February.

Discovery STS-133 is scheduled for launch on 25 February.

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