Johannes Kepler Docked to ISS

After an automated approach, the Johannes Kepler (ATV-2) resupply vehicle docked with the Zvezda module on the International Space Station (ISS) at 9:08 AM Phoenix time (1608 UTC). The spacecraft was launched eight days ago.

The cargo consists of:

  • 1760 kg of dry cargo, including food, clothes and equipment
  • 860 kg of propellant
  • 100 kg of oxygen for Zvezda’s tanks

ATV-2 can carry about three times as much payload as Russia’s Progress cargo ships. However, most of this load on Johannes Kepler is propellant for its own thrusters for periodic Station reboosts to compensate for atmospheric drag.

ATV-2 Zvezda
Johannes Kepler Approach to Zvezda
Image Credit: NASA TV

2 thoughts on “Johannes Kepler Docked to ISS

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