Launch of Discovery

Astronauts Discovery

Astronauts Discovery
Pilot Eric Boe
Image Credit: NASA TV

With two hours and 45 minutes to go until the launch of STS-133 and the Space Shuttle Discovery, astronauts are boarding the Shuttle.

Launch is scheduled for 2:50 PM Phoenix time (215 UTC).

Coverage is on NASA TV.

As for weather:

The Probability of KSC Weather Prohibiting Launch: 10% ;
The Probability of KSC Weather Prohibiting Tanking: 0% ;
Primary Concern: Low Cloud Ceiling, Showers within 20NM of the Shuttle Launch Facility.

Originally scheduled for launch on 5 November 2010, STS-133 has undergone extensive repairs.

At 2:44 Phoenix Time, we are are t-minus 7 minutes.

All systems are go. Weather is good.

Planned hold at t-minus 5 minutes unless the range is clear.

Two Minutes 45 seconds of hold time remain in the launch window. We are holding a t-minus 5 minutes. Trouble shooting a range display system.

60 seconds remaining.

Range will support the launch. Pick up the launch.

T-minus 4 59 and counting.

All systems are go and weather is green.

T-minus 4 minutes

T-minus 3 minutes.

Engines are purged, and gimbaling tests complete.

T-minus 60 seconds.

Successful launch.

2 minutes 30 seconds into launch, all systems are go. Boosters have separated.

At 7:15, the speed is 12,700 mph.

At 9 minutes 30 seconds the External Tank has dropped and Discovery is on its own.

T-Minus 10 Minutes
T-Minus 10 Minutes
Image Credit: NASA TV

Image Credit: NASA Image Gallery

Down Range
Down Range
Image Credit: NASA TV

Staging Boosters
Staging SRBs
Image Credit: NASA TV

Main Engine Cutoff and Separation
Image Credit: NASA TV

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