Endeavour’s Final Mission

STS-134 Endeavor
STS-134 Endeavour
Image Credit: NASA / Cory Huston

Endeavour is scheduled for launch at 12:47 PM Phoenix time (1947 UTC) on Friday, 29 April.

The crew members for space shuttle Endeavour’s STS-134 mission are Commander Mark Kelly, Pilot Gregory H. Johnson and Mission Specialists Michael Fincke, Greg Chamitoff, Andrew Feustel and European Space Agency astronaut Roberto Vittori.

During the 14-day mission, Endeavour will deliver the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) and spare parts including two S-band communications antennas, a high-pressure gas tank, additional spare parts for Dextre.

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer will revolutionize what we know about invisible cosmic rays the same way NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope rewrote what we know about the visible universe says the intellectual force behind the instrument. The AMS is to launch on space shuttle Endeavour in April.

The AMS is a 2-ton ring of powerful magnets and ultrasensitive detectors built to track, but not capture, cosmic rays. The 15,251-pound instrument will be connected to the outside of the International Space Station, braced on the orbiting laboratory’s right hand truss and tilted a bit so it will not interfere with any of the station’s mechanisms and storage platforms. It will be operated remotely from Earth and should not require any attention from astronauts in orbit.

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
Image Credit: NASA


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