Progress M-10M Docking with ISS

Progress M-10M Approach to ISS
Image Credit: NASA TV

The Russian Progress M-10M resupply spacecraft is now about 20 minutes from docking at 7:29 AM Phoenix time (1429 GMT). Distance is now about 260 meters.

Less than 6 hours later, the Space Shuttle Endeavour is scheduled for launch at 12:47 PM Phoenix time.

Progress is 200 meters and doing a five minute station keeping with the Pirs module prior to final approach.

At 7:14, we are 15 minutes from docking.

The International Space Station is just crossing the coast of Africa.

Two minutes until final approach begins.

And the ISS is now moving over Eastern Europe, toward the Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Final approach will be at about 0.12 meters per second.

Progress M-10M seen from ISS
Image Credit: NASA TV

Progress M-10M 15 meters from ISS
Image Credit: NASA TV

With 7 minutes to go Progress is 60 meters from the docking collar.

15 meters.

2 minutes and 10 meters.

Closing rate is 0.1 meters per second.

Docking is confirmed at 7:28 AM Phoenix time.

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