Juno Prepares for Launch to Jupiter

Juno Spacecraft Ready for Fueling
Image Credit: NASA /KSC

The Juno spacecraft is headed for a mission to Jupiter. The mission will launch aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V on or after 5 August 2011.

With its suite of science instruments, Juno will investigate the existence of a solid planetary core, map Jupiter’s intense magnetic field, measure the amount of water and ammonia in the deep atmosphere, and observe the planet’s auroras.

Juno’s scientific payload includes:

  • A gravity/radio science system
  • A six-wavelength microwave radiometer for atmospheric sounding and composition
  • A vector magnetometer
  • Plasma and energetic particle detectors
  • A radio/plasma wave experiment
  • An ultraviolet imager/spectrometer
  • An infrared imager/spectrometer

The image below shows the configuration of the spacecraft and the science instruments that are being carried.

Juno Science
Juno Science Instruments
Image Credit: NASA / JPL


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