Progress Flights Resume

Progress M-13M
Launch of Progress M-13M Resupply to ISS
Image Credit: NASA TV

Russia successfully launched a Soyuz rocket carrying the Progress M-13M resupply spacecraft. The Progress spacecraft entered orbit after nine minutes of flight, and is scheduled to rendezvous with the International Space Station on Wednesday, 2 November, at 11:40 UTC.

This is the first launch of a Progress spacecraft aboard a Soyuz rocket since the 24 August failure of the third stage during the Progress M-12M mission. Since then, there was the successful launch of a Kosmos (Glonass-M) satellite aboard a Soyuz-2-1B/Fregat rocket. This followed a return of all completed third stage rockets to the assembly plant for inspection and recertification.

The Progress M-13M mission carries about three tons of propellant, food, water, provisions and replacement parts. Included in the manifest are two iPads for the use of the Russian crew.

Since the manned Soyuz TMA-21 departed on 16th September, the International Space Station has been crewed by three astronauts rather than six.

The launch of Soyuz TMA-22/28S with three crew members has been delayed from late September to mid-November. In spite of the lower staffing levels, the station crew have still been meeting their commitments of 35 crew hours per week of scientific activities.

Progress M-13M
Ascent of Progress M-13M Resupply to ISS
Image Credit: NASA TV


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