Progress M-14M Ready for Launch

Soyuz Progress
Soyuz Progress Resupply Mission Prepared for Launch
Image Credit: Roscosmos

Russia is preparing to launch the latest Progress resupply mission to the International Space Station. The schedule calls for the Progress M-14M to be launched tomorrow, Wednesday, 25 January at 4:06 PM Phoenix time (23:06 UTC) from the Baikonur facility in Kazakhstan.

The mission will deliver 2669 kilograms (about 5870 pounds) of supplies:

  • 933 kg of propellant
  • 50 kg of oxygen
  • 421 kg of water
  • 1265 kg of spare parts, maintenance items and experiment hardware.

NASA-TV will cover the launch beginning at 3:45 PM Phoenix time (22:45 UTC).

The spacecraft is scheduled to dock on Friday at 5:08 PM Phoenix time (Saturday 00:08 UTC). NASA-TV will cover the docking to the Piers module beginning at 4:30 PM Phoenix time (23:30 UTC).


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