Scaled Composites Complete 45 Second Burn for RocketMotorTwo

Virgin Galactic announced today that:

Our contractor team test-fired RocketMotorTwo, SpaceShipTwo’s hybrid rocket motor, again on Tuesday. The test went well–indeed, it was the best one yet! As usual, Scaled Composites have posted a brief summary of the test’s goals and results on their site.

Hot Firing of RocketMotorTwo for SpaceShipTwo Powered Flight.
Image Credit: Virgin Galactic

From Scaled Composites website report:

Fire: 09
Date: 13 March 12

Objectives: Ninth full scale flight design RM2 hot-fire.

Continued evaluation of all systems and components:

  • Pressurization
  • Valve/Injector
  • Fuel formulation and geometry
  • Nozzle
  • Structure
  • Performance


All objectives completed. Performed full 45 second hot fire as planned. Duration of burn chosen to allow examination of internal core geometry.


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