Progress M-15M Launch

Progress M-15M Ready
Progress M-15M Resupply Spacecraft Ready for Launch to the ISS
Image Credit: Energia

The launch from Baikonur is scheduled for 20 April at 12:50:24 UTC (5:50 AM Phoenix time).

The launch will be carried live by Tsenki beginning at 3:50 AM Phoenix time (10:50 UTC and 14:50 Moscow time). NASA TV is also carrying the launch, with commentary.

We will pick up the chase around 5 AM Phoenix time.

At this time, we are 12 minutes from launch. It is 5:38 AM in Phoenix.

The weather at Baikonur is warm, about 90° F, with thin clouds and light wind.

We are six minutes from launch.

Flight recorders have been turned on and nitrogen purging of the engines is underway.

T-minus 3 minutes.

The launch pad is the same on used by Yuri Gagarin on 12 April 1961.

T-minus 60 seconds. Propellant tanks are pressurized.


Flight is nominal at the moment at 60 seconds.

The four strap on boosters have been jettisoned at the a little past 3 minutes, and the payload shroud has been jettisoned.

At eight minutes into the flight, all systems are nominal and the third stage is burning.

Third stage shutdown and spacecraft separation has been confirmed. Solar panels have been deployed and the Progress is now chasing the ISS. The Progress will dock at 8:40 AM Sunday, Phoenix time (15:40 UTC).

Well done.

Image Credit: Tsenki-TV

Image Credit: Tsenki-TV

Image Credit: Tsenki-TV

Image Credit: Tsenki-TV

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