Falcon 9 Hot Fire Test

Hot Fire
T-Minus 27:53 Minutes
Image Credit: SpaceX

At 11:35 Phoenix time, we are 25 minutes away from SpaceX conducting a hot firing of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle, prior to blastoff with the Dragon spacecraft, which is tentatively scheduled for 7 May 2012.

PAO just noted two minutes to polling for go/no go on the static firing. The countdown has proceeded well so far.

Polling: All systems go for static fire at L-minus 20 minutes.

T-minus 15 minutes.

Terminal Count Autosequence has started.

T-minus 8 minutes. Going to internal power.

T-minus 90 seconds.

Holding at T-minus 47 seconds.

Dragon did not start up.

Contingency abort and disabling prop systems.

SpaceX does have the ability to recycle the count and try it again today.

Twitter from @SpaceX: “Reviewing Data”

Recycled to T-minus 13:00. Launch team is reviewing the data.

Lox continues to vent, so a full blown abort has not been declared as yet.

Twitter @SpaceX: “May recycle and try again today, watch for update.”

PAO: “Picking up the clock at T-20 minutes”. The problem was a “limit improperly set” (Overly restrictive redline on second stage engine position).

Twitter @Elon: “Flight computer aborted rocket hold down firing. Anomaly addressed. Cycling systems to countdown .” Included image of the SpaceX launch control room.

Countdown sequence resumed. Now T-minus 15 minutes. Final Readiness Poll again in progress.

Polling complete and launch director says proceed.

Coming up on T-10 minutes. Terminal Count Autosequence has started.

Dragon Internal On sequence is beginning. T-8 minutes. Configuring power for internal handover. Dragon on internal power.

T-5 minutes.

T-2 minutes. Vehicle vents closed, LOX lines are venting at launch duct.

T-30 seconds.

T+3 seconds PAO – “Good static fire. Continue”.

Twitter @Elon: “Woohoo, rocket hold down firing completed and all looks good!!”

We may know the results of the data gathered by tomorrow, and then know if the 7 May launch date for the Dragon mission to the ISS is set.

Hot Fire
T-Minus 8:00 Minutes
Image Credit: SpaceX

T-Minus 47 Seconds and Holding
Image Credit: SpaceX

Control Room
SpaceX Launch Control Room
Image Credit: SpaceX

Falcon 9 Ignition.
Image Credit: SpaceX

Falcon 9 Hot Fire Completed Successfully.
Image Credit: SpaceX

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