Falcon 9 COTS 2+ Launch T – Scrubbed

Falcon 9
Falcon 9 Fueled and Ready for Launch
Image Credit: NASA

At 1:25 AM Phoenix time (0825 UTC), it is T-Minus 30 minutes.and counting.

T-minus 20 minutes.

No issues. Weather is good. Automatic launch sequence set to start at T-minus 10 minutes.

T-minus 14 minutes, and final poll scheduled for T-minus 13.


“Clear to proceed with terminal count”

T-minus 12 minutes. The International Space Station (ISS) is over Florida now.

T-minus 10 minutes.

Dragon on internal power at T-8 minutes.

Falcon and Dragon on internal power.

T-4 minutes. Some fog rolling through.

Lox topping terminated. FTS armed. T-3.

“Go for launch”.

“Range Green”.

T-2 minutes.

Flight computer operating at T-60 seconds.

Launch Abort.

Engines had started and then shut down.

Engine 5 registered high pressure, causing the abort.

Next attempt would be three days from now.

Falcon 9
Falcon 9 Engine Ignition
Image Credit: NASA TV

Falcon 9 is in safe mode.

“72 hour turn around”.

The launch would be at 2207 UTC on 22 May. See the article at NASASpaceFlight.com for details.

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