Dragon – Reentry and Recovery


Dragon Released
The Dragon Spacecraft Released from the SSRMS
Image Credit: NASA TV

Reentry and Splashdown Timetable (Phoenix Time)

  • 02:35 – Dragon released by the station’s robotic arm
  • 02:36 – Dragon’s Draco thrusters fire first departure burn
  • 07:51 – Draco thrusters fire deorbit burn
  • 08:09 – Dragon’s trunk is jettisoned
  • 08:35 – Drogue parachutes are deployed
  • 08:36 – Main parachutes are deployed
  • 08:44 – Dragon lands in the Pacific

The Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) panel on Dragon has closed.

At 6:41 Phoenix time (1341 UTC), Dragon is one hour and ten minutes from its deorbit burn.

Reentry has been completed.

Drogue chutes have been deployed.

Main chutes have been deployed. All three chutes are open and in good shape.

Splashdown is still on track for 8:44 AM Phoenix time (1544 UTC).

Splashdown occurred at 8:42 AM (1542 UTC).

Congratulations SpaceX.

The images below show the parachute descent. Splashdown was pretty much on target. The recovery vessel saw the chutes. The NASA P3 plane has observed the chutes in the water. SpaceX reports that Dragon landed at 27° latitude and 120° longitude.

The recovery vessel has the chutes in sight in the water.

The main chutes have been released by Dragon. Certain systems aboard Dragon are being powered down prior to recovery.

Dragon is floating in the Pacific Ocean in the “stable one” configuration.

NASA TV will carry the Status Briefing at 11:00 AM Phoenix time (1800 UTC).

Drogue Chute
The Dragon Spacecraft and the Drogue Chute
Image Credit: NASA TV

Main Chute
The Dragon’s Main Chute Starts to Open
Image Credit: NASA TV

Main Chutes Open
The Dragon’s Three Main Chute Are Deployed
Image Credit: NASA TV

Main Chutes
The Dragon Descending under the Three Main Chutes
Image Credit: NASA TV