Curiosity – Mission Support Center at JPL – EDL

Curiosity Mission Support
Curiosity – JPL Mission Support Center
Image Credit: NASA / JPL

Two hours to EDL. NASA TV.

With 80 minutes to go, polling of systems is underway to see if there are any final instructions for Curiosity. There are no requests, and the uplink transmitter on the Deep Space Network (DSN) is being shut down. Curiosity is on its own.

Follow along with “Eyes on the Solar System“.

With 60 minutes to go, the Mars orbiters are green for communications.

With 45 minutes to go, Curiosity is now on one-way communication and waiting for the EDL anchor event.

There are 76 pyrotechnic devices and 500,000 lines of computer code that have to operate perfectly. Seven minutes of terror on You Tube.

30 minutes and the peanuts are being munched. 22 minutes until EDL events start. All systems report green.

With 24 minutes to go, Mars Odyssey reports that it is in position and able to communicate with Curiosity and the Earth DSN. Cruise stage separation in 5 minutes.

15 minutes. The attitude jets report they are functioning properly and are ready for entry.

Heartbeat tones from Curiosity are all good.

EDL has begun. The final seven minutes.

Curiosity reports by tone that it has started guided entry.

Mars Odyssey reports receiving and transmitting data from Curiosity.

Entry mass balance object is being ejected.

Parachute deployed.

Radar sees the ground.

6 kilometers altitude.

Powered flight.

Sky crane started.

On the ground.

Once JPL receives images from Curiosity, they will be located here.


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