CRS-1 Launch

LOX Loading
Loading of Liquid Oxygen aboard Falcon stage 1 and 2
Image Credit: NASA / KSC Video Feed

With less than three (3) hours to go, loading of liquid oxygen aboard the first and second stages of the Falcon 9 rocket has been completed.

Here is the pre-launch schedule for major events:

  • – 7:30:30 Vehicles are powered on
  • – 3:50:00 Commence loading liquid oxygen (LOX)
  • – 3:40:00 Commence loading RP-1 (rocket grade kerosene)
  • – 3:15:00 LOX and RP-1 loading complete
  • – 0:10:00 Falcon 9 and Dragon terminal count auto-sequence started
  • – 0:02:30 SpaceX Launch Director verifies go for launch
  • – 0:02:00 Range Control Officer (USAF) verifies range is go for launch
  • – 0:01:00 Command flight computer to begin final pre-launch checks. Turn on pad deck
    and Niagara water
  • – 0:00:40 Pressurize propellant tanks
  • – 0:00:03 Engine controller commands engine ignition sequence to start
  • 0:00:00 Falcon 9 launch

At 3:05 PM Phoenix time, we are at T-2 hours 30 minutes.

At 4:35 pm we are at T-60 minutes and counting. A weather briefing is schedule momentarily by the Launch Weather Officer (LWO). Currently there are no significant issues being worked.

LWO – Weather is good, visibility is expected to be unlimited, there are clouds around 4,000 feet, winds are low at 5-10 knots and the chance of launch has been raised to 80%.

T-80 Minutes
T-80 minutes and Counting
Image Credit: NASA TV

At T-35 minutes, a variety of system and range condition checks are underway. There are no issues at the moment.

At T-30 minutes, the Launch Director notes that Dragon can carry powered cargo. One such item is a freezer stocked on this trip with chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream for the crew aboard the space station.

At T-25 minutes, weather is green. LWO says there are no weather violations at this time.

T-20 and counting.

At T-14 minutes, Falcon switched to internal power. A complete readiness poll is due in two minutes.

T-12 minutes and all systems are go for terminal countdown to begin at T-10:30.


Merlin engines are beginning chill down. At T-8, Dragon will go to internal power. All systems are go and the weather is green.

T-5 minutes.

Stage one and stage two on internal power.

LOX topping has terminated.

T-2:30 – go for launch.

T-2:00 – range office has go for launch.

T-60 seconds and all systems are go.

T-30 seconds.


At T+60 seconds all systems are good. Vehicle is supersonic.

All Merlin engines are nominal.

Second stage chill down.


Separation of first and second stages.

Second stage ignition for a six minute burn.

Fairing jettisoned correctly.

3.1 K/sec.

All systems nominal at 4:42.


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