Dragon – Return to Earth – Reentry and Landing

Dragon Re-entry
Image Credit: SpaceX

The final de-orbit burn occurred at 11:28 AM Phoenix time. The burn is scheduled to last 10 minutes and 40 seconds.

The trunk is scheduled to be jettisoned at 11:41 (1841 UTC).

Drogue chute deployed.

SpaceX Tweet: #Dragon’s three main parachutes have deployed (12:12 Phoenix time).

There is a report that the ISS crew has seen three good chutes.

Splashdown scheduled for 3 minutes from now.

12:20 PM Phoenix time –

SpaceX Tweet: #Dragon safely splashed down in Pacific at 12:22PM PT

Congratulations to SpaceX on the their second successful mission to the International Space Station and return, and their first of twelve missions under their contract with NASA to keep the ISS supplied and operating.

In the Water
Dragon in the Water after Splashdown
Image Credit: NASA


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