Dragon – Return to Earth – Unberthing


Dragon CRS1
CRS1 Dragon Attached to the Harmony Node and Ready for Unberthing
Image Credit: NASA TV

As with the docking of the Dragon three weeks ago, the operation for unberthing is running ahead of schedule. The CBM bolts were all released and Dragon separated at 4:20 AM Phoenix time (1120 UTC).

Dragon CRS1
Dragon Unberthed from the Harmony Node
Image Credit: NASA TV

The CRS1 Dragon is scheduled to be released at 6:26 AM Phoenix time (1326 UTC) Sunday morning, 28 October and return to Earth with its cargo from the International Space Station. Splashdown will be off the coast of California at about 12:20 PM Phoenix time (1920 UTC).

NASA Television will provide live coverage of the release and departure of SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft from the International Space Station on Sunday, 28 October. Coverage will begin at 4 AM Phoenix time (1100 UTC) and conclude approximately three hours later after Dragon has left the vicinity of the orbiting laboratory.

Dragon Operations Schedule for Sunday (all times UTC and subject to change):

  • 1100 – NASA TV coverage begins
  • 1155 – Dragon unberth
  • 1326 – Dragon release
  • 1828 – Deorbit burn
  • 1920 – Splashdown

Yesterday, the final pieces of trash and equipment were stowed and Dragon was closed in preparation for today’s return to Earth.

Dragon CRS1 Dragon Being Loaded Yesterday and Prepared for Closure Image Credit: NASA TV

Dragon is on the Canadarm (SSRMS) about 30 feet from the ISS and prepared for release at 6:26 AM Phoenix time (1326 UTC).

Dragon CRS1 Dragon Ready for Release Image Credit: NASA TV

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