April 20 Trip: Biosphere 2


Join NSS and HSGP in taking a trip down to see the Biosphere 2.  It should be a day of fun and education.  Spend it with your friends.

Transportation: We did not get enough folks to charter a bus, so the new plan is to simply meet at the Biosphere 2 facility near Florence at 10 am next Saturday, April 20. After the roughly one hour tour, interested parties will get together at a nearby restaurant for lunch. No advance payment is necessary as attendees will pay their own admission at the door.  We would, however, like an RSVP so we know who to look for.

If you have any questions please call Chuck at 602-616-3162

Biosphere 2 Details:

  • How much walking is involved? There is a 10 minute walk from Admissions to the start of the tours. During the tour, you will walk approximately 1 mile, with approximately 150 steps throughout the tour. If we have a large enough group and charter a bus, we can have the bus waiting for our group at the end of the tour so everyone can board and not have to walk back up to Admissions. (This could be at least a 20-25 minute walk for some people.)
  • Are there carts or trams? They do have modified tours – ADA Tours, for those who need assistance. They also have a few wheelchairs available, but if you need one, I should reserve it before we go.
  • Time of Tour: The tours start with a 13 minute video and then everyone goes on a guided tour which lasts approximately an hour.
  • Cost: $20 with $18 for AAA, Seniors and Military

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