International Space Development Conference

May 23-27, 2013


The 32nd International Space Development Conference, to be held at the La Jolla Hyatt Regency, San Diego, California, May 23-27, 2013. Speakers at the ISDC will discuss many breakthroughs happening in space development. ISDC 2013 will showcase the latest developments, promote new ideas, and prove fertile ground for collaboration and innovation.

The conference theme is “Global Collaboration in 21st Century Space.” This is the century we break free of the gravity that has limited our ability to colonize space. We will learn how to collaborate effectively in a global, soon to be multi-planetary community. ISDC promises to be the place where 21st century skills are developed for 21st century space.

ISDC will have tracks specific to the Moon, Mars, asteroids, space transportation, space solar power, business/policy, and transhumanism. All of these tracks are being developed by committees to incorporate the latest information. We welcome your input on what ISDC should offer within and outside of the designated tracks. ISDC is available on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + for staying abreast of the latest developments as well as providing opportunity for you to contribute. (See below for details.) Plenary and meal sessions will offer opportunities to hear from the giants in space science and industry.

Register now! Prices go up after April 12! NSS members know that the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) is the foremost space conference that brings together all subsets of the space community: the traditional and commercial aerospace industries, NASA and space activists from around the world. And this year, ISDC goes to the west coast to San Diego, California!

While the primary focus of the conference will be looking at advances in space exploration, development and settlement, we will also highlight our global efforts at the Governors Dinner & Gala on Friday evening, at which we will honor the work of India’s former President and a leading aerospace scientist/engineer – Dr. Abdul Kalam – with the National Space Society’s prestigious Von Braun Memorial Award. Participants can also look forward to meeting science and engineering team members from the successful GRAIL Moon gravity mapping mission, X-37 B space plane, and the inspiring “seven minutes of terror” CURIOUSITY Mars landing team. Saturday night’s dinner banquet will honor the Women of Space – women engineers and astronauts.

The ISDC 2013 Planning Committee has put together an impressive list of confirmed speakers and presenters and a comprehensive program. Confirmed speakers and VIPs include: Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, last space shuttle Commander Christopher Ferguson, shuttle astronaut and director of the “100 Year Starship” project Dr. Mae Jemison, Congressman Dana Robrabacher of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, Ian O’Neill from Discovery News, Planetary Resources Chris Lewicki, and Deep Space Industries’ Rick Tumlinson.

For full details, see the main NSS website at


2 thoughts on “International Space Development Conference

  1. Attached are the minutes from the Chapter Assembly at ISDC 2012 in Washington D.C.

    I note that DR. DAVID FISCHER (Phoenix Chapter)volunteered to be Secretary of the Assembly for the ISDC 2013 in San Diego and ISDC 2014 in Los Angles and was elected to fill the post at ISDC 2012. Unfortunately he died in a tragic car accident and we need to fill the position at the Chapter Assembly in San Diego.

    My term as Chapter Assembly Chair continues until the end of ISDC 2014. Therefore, within the coming year we must think about who would become Chapter Assembly Chair for ISDC 2015 and ISDC 2016.

    Before we all arrive at ISDC 2013 I plan to send you all a copy of the proposed agenda for the meeting and notification of when and where we shall meet.

    Please send me suggestions on what items you all want to be placed on the agenda.

    We have already heard suggestions that devices should be installed in the Chapter Assembly room to allow those who cannot attend the ISDC the opportunity to participate in the assembly.

    Second, their also has been a suggestion that the Chapters Assembly get together by the same means at least 4 times a year.

  2. MINUTES –NSS CHAPTERS ASSEMBLY MAY 27, 2012 at ISDC, Washington, DC.

    The meeting was brought to order at 10:35 PM by Dennis Pearson, NSS Chapter’s Assembly Chairman on Sunday May 27, 2012. Earl Bennett was assigned to take the minutes.

    The minutes of last year’s meeting were reviewed. The misspelling of Larry Ahearn name was noted by Claire McMorrow, and the spelling of Ronnie Lajoie has no capital “J”. Larry Ahearn commented that he didn’t remember talking about an NSS Art Contest. The question was raised: “Who gets the meeting notes?” The answer was that they would be sent to all chapters. The minutes were approved as amended. Motion by:{??please add} seconded by:{?? Please add}

    Dennis Pearson provided an agenda and asked if there were any changes to the agenda.

    Item 1 review of chapter reporting procedure for 2012 including reports of chapter activities for 2012.
    The deadline for chapter reports was March 31st. Larry reported that 2 (not 5) were left as nonfilers at this time. Chapters not in compliance will have until June 10th to be in compliance after which time they will be delisted, and will be reinstate when they come into compliance.. This will apply to March 31st 2013 as well. On the EIN form: 9 chapters are not reporting having this number in hand yet. There was some detailed discussion of this. No motions made.

    Item 2: Regional Coordinators. In a phrase, Larry said, “not enough volunteers.” The coordinator for the entire East Coast is now Dennis Pearson. Someone will have to take the West Coast, the Southwest may be combined etc.

    Item 3: Dwarf Chapters. These were defined as those with less than 3 NSS members. The name “Plutoids”, “chapter agents” was suggested, After further discussion the phrase “local contact” was approved by consensus. They are officially representing NSS.

    Item 4: NSS Web site. Lynn, the PR representative from HQ, discussed the chapters materials on the NSS website. Lynn and Karen Mermel should be sent material from individual chapters regarding activities, photos, videos etc. for posting on the NSS website. There were also comments from Karen about posting a help wanted webpage for working inside NSS.

    Item 5: Chapters Assembly Fund. Ronnie Lajoie announced there was $203 in the Chapters assembly fund.

    Item 6: Help Wanted: Chapters Committee positions. Selection of board candidates discussed. Several candidates running for board described their credentials. It was suggested that chapter members take note, since it’s always good to have board members who are favorable to chapters.

    Item 7: Campaign for the future award program. We discussed money spent for chapters who recruit new members, for example $20 for a new member (or more) with $10/50% of the dues to be reimbursed to the chapter. Larry described incentive technique to promote individuals coalescing to form a chapter with these incentives. Ronnie Lajoie brought up phase 2 and Jeff Liss thought phase 2 may cause problems with NSS nonprofit status with IRS. Carol McMorrow and Joe Redfern contributed to the discussion. No motions made.

    Item 8: Community directed chapter involvement. Bruce McKenzie, who has done some work on outreach with museums (learning centers), described how much space a museum or other public outreach educational organization may desire taken for an exhibit. In one example it was 6500 sq. ft (New Hampshire example) Others told of past misses (American Museum of Natural History example was cited.) It was requested that suggestions be sent to Bruce MacKenzie, and that a finished product would not be required – ideas and offers of help will be appreciated.

    Item 9: Chapter support from/for headquarters. The banners idea was discussed. Banners with the NSS and local chapter names were proposed and a possible source (had material to make banners) was mentioned {did not hear his name – please add}. Funding through grants was discussed. The idea of NSS HQ providing lists of possible grant sources was discussed, but decided it was too time consuming for the limited staff. Jeff Liss described the “one asked” principle on getting money from donors: when requesting donations, other than very specific targeted donors, chapters should coordinate with HQ on this, in case a request for a larger donation for a larger project was in mind.

    Item 10: Good and welfare. Larry mentioned that several STEM grants are being applied for by Paul right now. There was a discussion that the feelings of members about NSS to be sent to Tenisha and David. Then there was a discussion of conference costs and affects on members. It was suggested that a lower initial cost be set ($50?) and the early bird deadline be extended. The current cost is considered too high, and rises too rapidly. No formal resolution was made.

    Item 11: Election of Chair of Chapters Committee for 2013-2014. Dennis was reelected by acclamation for second term. Secretary was David Fisher of the Phoenix NSS.

    There was an off topic question regarding location and time of board meeting. Details were given for this year, but had not been posted.

    The Chapters Assembly was adjourned at 12:25 PM. Motion by Dennis and seconded by Earl Bennett.

    Submitted by Earl Bennett, May 27, 2012

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