Our Next Meeting will Celebrate the Anniversary of the First Manned Lunar Landing with a Fresh Look at the Moon

Our July 20 meeting will feature Dr. Samuel Lawrence from ASU talking about “Lunar Exploration in the 21st Century”.

The NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) was launched in June of 2009 and recently passed four years of lunar operations. LRO observations and science results continue to tremendously advance our understanding of lunar geology while defining key targets for future robotic and human exploration. The Moon, with its abundant important resources and relative proximity to Earth, remains an ideal location to learn how to economically establish the capability to live and work beyond low-Earth orbit while addressing fundamental science questions about the history of Earth, our Solar System, and the Universe around us.

Our speaker, Dr. Samuel Lawrence, is a Co-Investigator on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera Science Team, a Faculty Research Associate at Arizona State University and is an expert in both the geochemistry of planetary materials and planetary remote sensing. In addition to his continuing contributions to the success of the LRO mission, Dr. Lawrence currently has active research programs to define optimal targets and payloads for future precursor lunar exploration, investigate the geochemistry of Apollo samples, advance fundamental spectroscopic theory, and accurately determine asteroid composition.

The Phoenix Chapter of the NSS is pleased and honored to have him visit us at our monthly meeting. See meeting details in the box at the right.


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