Spaced Out Summer

It’s been a quiet summer in the world of space exploration, at least as far as local activities. We did have the Pluto encounter in early July, and many of our local NSS chapter members attended the event at ASU on July 14. But since then, it’s been quiet as we wait for more images from New Horizons (expected in September), and we went and skipped our August meeting.

Chuck Lesher is going to host the September meeting at his house in Chandler (details to come soon) at our usual lunch-time schedule. We also are considering an outing in early October to go see “The Martian” movie as a group. Or maybe two groups, one on either end of town. I’m looking for ideas on how to pull this off. It is likely to be Sat. Oct. 3, as the Mesa Museum of Natural History has a space-themed event planned for the evening of Oct. 2, and I think we’ll be participating in that one way or another.

I have a nibble on a speaker for Oct. 17, but beyond that I am running out of ideas. What do folks want to hear about at our meetings? More new stuff? History stuff? Current stuff? Contact me at my gmail account (michael dot mackowski at gmail).


Mike Mackowski




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