January 16 Meeting is at ASU

The January 16 meeting of the Phoenix Chapters of the National Space Society and Moon Society will be at a different time and location than the usual. We will meet at 1:15 pm at the ISTB4 building on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University. We will get a tour of their planetary sciences exhibits followed by viewing a 3D planetarium show. Admission to the planetarium show is $7.50 at the door. If we get a dozen or so people, we’ll get the admission discounted to $5.

The exhibits include a Mars science mission control room, interactive displays on Earth and planetary science, labs for building space experiments, and an extensive meteorite collection. The planetarium show will be “The Search: Exploring Unknown Worlds” which explores discoveries and current research of exoplanets (worlds beyond our Solar System). This 60 minute presentation is a live 3-D exploration of known exoplanets in our neighborhood in space.

We recommend parking in the surface lot (Lot 44) immediately south of ISTB4. It is supposedly free on weekends (there is a machine you normally pay at, but it is not enforced on weekends and there is no gate). The Rural Road parking structure is directly easy of ISTB 4 but the automated fee system apparently is active even on weekends at $3 per hour. For more information on the building location and parking, please see:

As a heads up, we are planning a trip to Biosphere 2, north of Tucson, for our February meeting. We will do this as a combined trip with the NSS chapter from Tucson, so it will be a week earlier than normal, on Sat. Feb. 13.

Hope to see many of you at ASU next week!

Mike Mackowski
President, NSS & Moon Society Phoenix


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