Late Summer Update 2016

As noted previously, since yours truly was running out of programming ideas, and no one else came up with any, it was decided to take a break from meetings over the summer. We plan to return to the Saturday sessions on September 17. We need ideas for presentations and outings.

Meanwhile, we will look for opportunities to get together socially or for special events. I’d recommend the ASU New Discovery series lecture set for Thursday, August 25, at 7:30 pm. Our buddy, Dr. David Williams, will give a talk on “Asteroids, Ion Propulsion, and NASA’s Dawn Mission to Vesta and Ceres”. It will be at building ISTB4 on the ASU Tempe campus.

Another such idea was a screening of the new space documentary, “The Wonder of it All”. It is a new IMAX film looking at Earth from the space station, and had a very short run here recently. If it comes back to Phoenix, we hope to make it an outing.

Other similar suggestions are welcome. Another topic to remember is new leadership for the Phoenix NSS chapter. The current officers two-year terms expires at the end of this year, and we need to seriously start finding candidates. I do not intend to run again. Have a great summer!

Mike Mackowski



One thought on “Late Summer Update 2016

  1. There is an awesome documentary called, “The Wonder of it All” . It features Apollo astronauts looking back and reminisce about their flights to the moon and the emotions they experienced. You should head to Tucson this weekend to Spacefest where you can meet these amazing men.

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