Upcoming Events

We had a nice turnout and discussion at the September 17 meeting. Thanks to all who attended.
It appears that we will try a mix of traditional meetings at our usual location and visits to other groups’ events, particularly the many space-related lectures offered by ASU.

Next month we have been invited to participate in “LibraryCon”, a one-day sci fi event at the  Southeast Regional Library branch at the southeast corner of Greenfield and Guadalupe in Gilbert (http://mcldaz.org/custom/branches/southeast.aspx).

This will take the place of our monthly meeting, so drop by between noon and 4 pm for some public outreach. Mike will bring the astronaut cut out and some info displays and hands-on demos. See https://www.facebook.com/librarycon for details.

Additionally, there are these upcoming events:

  • Tue. Sept 20, 7 pm, Eugene Shoemaker lecture at ASU with Dr. Pete Worden (former head of NASA Ames)
  • Thur. Sept. 29, Discovery lecture at ASU, topic is deserts and climate change
  • Oct. 4 – 10 is World Space Week. We’ll be checking to see if Challenger Center or ASU is doing anything.
  • Fri. Oct. 14, iMAX space film at Deer Valley AMC theater. They are doing a space week promotion, so stay tuned for that
  • Thur. Oct. 20, Discovery lecture at ASU, Kipp Hodges, science as exploration
  • Thur. Nov. 17, Discovery lecture at ASU, geoscience research

For details on ASU’s New Discovery lectures, see:


ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination sponsors a “Sci Fi TV Dinner” every month or so, featuring a film or TV episode, a free sack lunch, followed by a panel discussion on the showing by faculty members. See this link for dates (none announced at this time):  http://csi.asu.edu/calendar/

Stay tuned for more updates.

Mike Mackowski



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