Saturday, October 21st, NSS of Phoenix Meeting will Feature Al Anzaldua, Presenting his talk on “Moon to Moon to Mons,”.

Our next meeting will be held 11 am at the Humanist Center in Mesa) and will feature Al Anzaldua. Al is our current International Chapters Coordinator for NSS, and a long time space advocate.  Al will present his talk called “Moon to Moon to Mons,” which will focus on Deimos, Lava Tubes on the Moon and the Western Slopes of Two Mons Volcanoes.

Ballots are now being accepted online for the 2018 Heinlein Award : NSS PHX chapter gets a vote on the Heinlein Award, in ADDITION to the votes of individual NSS members. You need to record your vote, preferably via the link in the NSS email you will received, by midnight Nov 30 (Hawaiian time). The National Space Society’s Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award honors those individuals who have made significant lifetime contributions to the creation of a free, space-faring civilization. Please read the eligibility and procedures to vote accurately.

Only votes of current NSS members in good standing will count towards the outcome of this vote

If you are not a current member please visit this link  to renew your membership first. NSS PHX CODE 504.

Please allow seven days for your membership to be validated. you may contact me at my E-mail if you need the email resent to you.

FUN STUFF:  in case you were interested Free Cassini E-Book: on our NSS.ORG  Blog


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