Space Up Event March 23rd, 2019 Saturday, *4th Saturday* 9am – 3pm

The usual general meeting March 16th on Saturday at the humanist center has been postponed.   This event for Space Up venue is at the :  Mesa Community College, Physical Sciences Building  1833 W Southern Ave  Mesa, AZ 85202,  Time: March 23rd, 2019, We will have speakers talk for about 20 min. we have info on our last planning meeting below also March 9th *2nd Saturday.

There is an excellent description of how a SpaceUp works here: , our webpage:

Please Register $5.00 have our listing here if you want to see more info:

The idea is to be as spontaneous as possible. Traditional Powerpoint presentations are discouraged (but not forbidden) and things like panel, round-tables, demos, etc., are encouraged. The event will be “seeded” with several people willing and ready to give talks. While every attendee is urged to give a talk (or plan a session of just questions!) we will have speakers who are experts on space exploration to ensure the time you spend at SpaceUp Phoenix is worthwhile and who can also answer your questions and be on your panels. The whole vibe is very fun and informal.

space up 2019 flyer $5

Join other space enthusiasts, professionals, advocates, students, educators and scientists to talk about space.!  At a SpaceUp unconference, you decide the topics, schedule and structure of the session. How? Everyone who attends SpaceUp is encouraged to join a discussion, propose a topic or give a talk. We will have some scheduled keynotes from local space scientists & technologists. Professional Development credit for K-12 teachers sponsored by RealTimeSTEAM.

Here’s a look at what A Day at SpaceUp looks like. Here’s one of our keynotes from SpaceUp Phoenix 2015.

Our featured keynote speakers include:

Sian Proctor, Ph.D.: Analog astronaut and geoscience professor currently appearing as a STEM demo expert on the Science Channel’s show Strange Evidence.

Moheeb Zara:  Co-Founder, Autonomous Space Agency Network (ASAN), hardware hacker, developer, artist, designer, fabricator.

Arizona Spaceport Alliance: Non-profit effort focused on establishing world-class spaceport options in the State of Arizona.

Lev Horodyskyj, Ph.D.: Astrobiologist and educational innovator, School of Earth & Space Exploration, Arizona State University.

Don Jacques : Veteran of the USAF & Founder of EarthSeed, Inc, author of “EarthSeed: Settling Space in This Generation,” creator of the mobile Closed Ecological Life Support System Demonstrator.

Troy Howe, Ph.D.: Specialist in Propulsion and Electrical Power for Deep Space Missions and owner of How Industries, dedicated to researching new and exciting technologies related to advanced power generation methods.

Plus you’ll need to Bring your favorite cup for coffee or water. then, sign up to get our newsletter

Last NSS Space Up Planning meeting March 9th, 2019 Saturday, *2th Saturday*

Lastly, We will gather for a Business meeting at the Blue Adobe at 144 N Country Club Dr, Mesa 85201. Saturday March 9th   about  4pm to 5:30 pm We ask that you attend if you’re curious and/or help support our chapter.  The NSS Business meeting is the last Space Up gathering before the event. We will review progress and any final arrangements. * Please attend if you are helping to organize these events. Or can just volunteer.

Our sponsors:

National Space Society Page

Real Time Steam

Moon Society

Mesa Community College

Other Websites connected to Space Up Phoenix

We are Registered and there is an excellent description of how a Space Up works here:

Space up webpage:

Space up Facebook

Space up Twitter:

Space up Event Brite –

Space up on Meetup –

See you at the Conference.

Phyllis Redhair President.


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